Cities strive to provide a sustainable, liveable and safe environment for their residents, businesses and visitors in an efficient and effective manner. Technology and data play a crucial role in this.


The future of the city is shaped by collaboration between different parties, with the government being an important actor. Initiatives for energy transition, new mobility concepts and climate adaptation increasingly come from outside the government. Successful and sustainable solutions require new forms of collaboration, focusing on equality, knowledge exchange, openness and standards.


Although each city has its own challenges, there are many common aspects. The goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to determine the pace and approach yourself, so that solutions fit the local situation.


There are currently countless solutions available for the smart city, but there is little insight into quality, guarantee of continuity and the certainty that building blocks fit together properly. Innovative technology, valuable data or digital services alone are not enough: there is a need for an open platform with data and solutions that meet standards. A transparent place where solutions have equal opportunities and where compliance with agreements and standards is central, so that cities can easily choose the right solution for their specific issues.


An open platform offers companies the opportunity to offer their solutions in new markets, helping cities to solve spatial, environmental and social issues. WeCity brings together suppliers and buyers in a reliable, open ecosystem for data, sensors and solutions. Through service and contract management, WeCity monitors the process and quality, offering freedom of choice and guarantees. It is the reliable "one stop shop" for smart city solutions.