Citizen Science

Citizen science

Citizen Science

Do you want to do research together in your neighbourhood, district or municipality? Citizen Science is becoming more and more popular and that is not so strange. The technological possibilities, such as sensors, are more widely available and are becoming cheaper. And residents want to be more actively involved in their own living environment. Projects to measure air, water, noise and soil quality with sensors offer an easy way to quickly collect a lot of data.


Citizen science can be very valuable to do a before and after study for intended changes in a neighborhood. If you want to actively involve residents and provide insight into the use of data, sensors and technology, accessible citizens' initiatives can help to gain trust and provide transparency regarding spatial and policy considerations.


Collecting data is the main goal of most citizen science projects. Successful projects pay attention to data quality, usability and data retention. Examples of successful projects are Curieuze Neuzen, where thousands of people measure heat and drought in their onions, or Telraam, with which residents map traffic flows, or Hollandsche Luchten, where citizens map the living environment in North Holland.


In many projects (relatively cheap) IoT sensors are the basis for the project. With the growing call for control over the data, it is important to pay attention to the processing of potentially privacy-sensitive data in addition to collecting and displaying sensor data.


WeCity coordinates several citizen science projects. In the WeCity catalog we offer various sensors that are also very suitable for use in citizen science projects. WeCity can, in collaboration with partners, support the collection, processing and disclosure of the data. We can also help to present the data on an interactive map or dashboard. Finally, we offer the possibility to manage the sensors. The sensors are registered, we monitor the functioning of the sensors and can serve as a service point for any repair or replacement.

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