A smart city is accessible to everyone

Fundamental values, such as justice, equal opportunities, quality of life, democracy and diversity, are the starting point of an inclusive city. And a smart city ensures that everyone can fully participate and make use of the public space.


This is currently not the case for vulnerable groups. The design and management of cities is still often based on mobile and vital people. Maintenance work on roads, unclear and unsafe intersections, narrow sidewalks and incorrectly parked vehicles mean that a large group of people literally and figuratively has to overcome barriers to make use of public space. Partly because of this, people with disabilities move less often. This applies in particular to wheelchair users.


An inclusive city encourages participation. A good set-up, in which all groups are involved (young/old, with and without disabilities, poor/rich) stimulates social interaction and involvement. And it increases support for new plans, policies or projects.


Data and technology help to realize an inclusive city. Open data, Citizen Science projects, Digital Twins, innovative participation methods and useful apps are tools to involve everyone, provide insight and develop better solutions. An example is the app Route4U which offers a navigation system for wheelchair users. The data collected in this way is input for cities to improve public space.


20 principles for inclusivity


The European Union has formulated 20 principles that guide the way towards a fair, inclusive and opportunity-filled Europe. The principles of this “Pillar of Social Rights” also apply to the development and management of a smart, inclusive city.


WeCity offers solutions that contribute to an inclusive city, such as the Quick Scan Accessibility. We set requirements for the technology itself, but also for access to data. We can help, together with our partners, to make objectives measurable and insightful. And we always look for cooperation with all parties, so that a smart city and city is for everyone.


Do you want to make better use of the possibilities in your city? Please contact us. We are happy to help you create a tailor-made approach for your organization.