One of the hallmarks of a smart city is that everything is connected to everything. A traffic light responds to an ambulance approaching, a rain barrel waters the garden based on the weather forecast and visitors are offered a different route due to the crowds in the inner city. The complexity of interactions between objects, people and systems will only increase further. This connectedness has far-reaching consequences for urban challenges. The growing dependence on data and technology means that one weak link can lead to serious consequences.


The WeCity Support Centre provides insight into these dependencies. It shows which parties are involved, what the underlying contracts are and which SLA agreements have been made about availability, performance and response times. The WeCity Support Centre provides insight into assets and data flows and makes monitoring and controlling urban processes easy. With additional services such as DPIA templates, a sensor registry and a FAIR urban data platform, you have all the tools to manage the smart city in a reliable and transparent way.


The WeCity Support Centre is suitable for a large number of use cases, ranging from mobility hubs, integrated urban development to smart lighting. For example, a lamppost is increasingly becoming a multifunctional device. With smart lighting, sensors, 5G facilities and a charging point for electric vehicles. The consequence is that more and more parties are involved. Each of whom is responsible for a small part of the maintenance tasks. But they also depend on each other if a problem arises. It is precisely at that moment that you want action to be taken quickly and there is clarity about service and contract agreements. The same issues and dependencies play a role in mobility hubs, urban development areas and many other urban challenges. The WeCity Support Centre is the integrated environment for insight, monitoring and control of these chain processes.