The creation of the smart districts is where all of WeCity's services come together. Whether it involves new area developments or existing neighborhoods that need to be restructured or managed differently, WeCity provides CityMakers with concrete tools to make this possible.

The housing challenge we face is enormous. Many large area developments are taking place, such as Rail Zones and densification projects in city centers. These challenges involve optimizing and combining themes such as livability, safety, accessibility, and sustainability to create pleasant living environments.

To monitor and manage all these themes cohesively, WeCity offers tools that are cross-domain and provide insights about an area rather than a single asset or subject:

  • Support in translating policies into measurable KPIs, which we clearly consolidate into a single dashboard for management and monitoring.
  • Support in establisching a program of requirements to enable data access from infrastructure (assets).
  • Make the effects of different policy choices visible.
  • Combining and managing various measuring instruments (sensors) into a single application.
  • Unlock and combine different data sources to substantiate and monitor the  KPIs.
  • Report and management of all contracts in one place.