The smart city

Smart city

A smart city is about people

Technology and data play a major role in urban development and management. Route planners, weather information, reports/feedback about problems in public space, a dgital card to open the waste container, lighting that comes turns on when you cycle past it, or a map that shows heat islands in the city. These are just a small selection of the examples with which smart cities can respond more efficiently to their social and spatial challenges. And that help to make the city more liveable and sustainable.


A smart city is dynamic and responds to the influences and behavior of people and nature. It is the connection of the physical infrastructure in the public space with modern information technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). To make the most of the many possibilities, a good foundation is necessary with a secure and integrated digital infrastructure and an "Open Urban Platform".


Many reference architectures, standards and solutions are now available within the European Union for such an Open Urban Platform. Interoperability is central to this. WeCity has been closely involved in some of these EU initiatives and we have incorporated these experiences into our own solution. This is not based on one comprehensive platform from one supplier, but it facilitates a system of different platforms from different suppliers, which are interconnected on the basis of open standards and clear agreements.


Data and technology are tools to help solve urban issues. The need or task must be central. The data sources, sensors, the platform and the infrastructure can then support there to realize smart solutions. WeCity offers in its Catalog solutions that contribute to a smart city. We set requirements for the technology itself, but also for access to data. We can help, together with our partners, to make objectives measurable and transparent. And we always look for cooperation with all parties. Because we make a smart city together!


Do you want to make better use of the possibilities in your city? Please contact us. We are happy to help you create a tailor-made approach for your organization.

Storingsmonitor Openbare Ruimte

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Maintenance monitor public space

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