WeCity Urban Platform

WeCity Urban Platform

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An Open Urban Platform connects the dots

An open urban platform is a digital urban infrastructure and one of the building blocks for a smart city. It is an open transparent and accessible platform for residents, companies, governments and other stakeholders. The platform is based on a clear set of agreements, standards and a technical implementation that enables data and information-driven services in cities.


A smart city produces and uses data. Data that comes from a multitude of sources. Open data from government organizations, sensor data, external and/or commercial datasources.


The diversity of themes, data flows, stakeholders and preconditions lead to a variety of available platforms for various uses. There is not one comprehensive, central urban (data) platform that is suitable for all challenges. Apart from the management, security and privacy issues, such a set-up does not suit the current, decentralized network society. The basic principle must be that data is managed at the source and by its owners. An Urban Platform must facilitate that this data can be shared in a safe and reliable manner. This creates a smart city with a federated system of platforms that each collect and share their own data.


To guarantee the coherence and exchange of that data, it is essential that all these different platforms are connected in a secure manner. Interoperability, in other words the way in which components can communicate with each other, is the central term. In addition, the secure sharing of data requires solutions that can indisputably check and apply the identity and rights of users.


WeCity focuses on offering an Urban Platform and the associated agreements system. In this way we create guarantees about the use of standards, operational and legal agreements, security, identity management and FAIR data principles. Our goal is to make the exchange of data as simple and secure as possible.


In concrete terms, this means that WeCity has developed a "trust framework" with specific rules and services in the field of transparency and openness, contract formation, service level agreements, privacy guarantees and performance monitoring.


In all our activities we use (international) industry standards and renowned partnerships. We use TM Forum's open API's, FIWARE APIs and data models. But also opt for the international FAIR data principles and the Tadaa manifesto. The FAIR data principles are guidelines for describing, storing and publishing data. It stands for Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. These principles are also central to the policy of many governments. The municipality of Amsterdam is one of the initiators of the Tadaa Manifesto, which examines, among other things, the control, legitimacy and transparency of data.


The goal of WeCity is to make the exchange of data, or interoperability, as simple as possible.


Various data and IoT platform solutions can be found in the WeCity Catalog, with each solution focusing on specific components. The WeCity Urban Platform functions as a connecting link to link these different platforms on the basis of joint agreements.


Do you want to make better use of the possibilities in your city? Please contact us. We are happy to help you create a tailor-made approach for your organization.